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We Offer a Wide Range of Maintenance, Diagnostic and Repair/Install Services 

Maintenance Services

Diagnostic Services

Standard Inspect & Check - Our Standard Inspect & Check is a General Snapshot of the Health and Operating Efficiency of Your Engine and Mechanical Systems. Whether You're Considering Buying a Used Boat, or Looking for Peace of Mind, This Service Will Let You Know the Health of Your Engine Systems on a Molecular Level. The Standard I&C Includes: 

Premium Inspect & Check - This is Our Complete I&C Service That Examines Your Entire Engine and Drive System. Give Us a Call, or Click Here to Schedule Your Inspect & Check. The Premium I&C Includes Our Standard I&C Plus: 

Engine Diagnostic Service - We Utilize a Comprehensive Array of Specialized Instruments/Analysis to Thoroughly Inspect, Diagnose and Relay the Cause of Engine Related Issues in a Way That Makes Sense to Our Customers; Below Are Some of the Tools We Utilize In Our Diagnostic Process. Give Us a Call, or Click Here to Submit a Diagnostic Service Request.     

Infrared Thermal Imaging

Yamaha Outboard Engine Running at High Throttle Functioning Normally 

Yamaha Outboard Engine Overheating Due to a Faulty Thermostat on the Starboard Cylinder Bank 

Belt Overheating Due to Corrosion on the Groove of the Pulleys Causing Friction and Wearing of the Belt While Running at Higher RPMs 

Two Overheating Branch Breakers Due to Corrosion in the Wiring on Board a Power Vessel 

Overheating Wire and Connection Leading to the Battery Charger 

24 Volt Bus Bar with Corrosion on the Terminals Causing Overheating Due to Excess Electrical Resistance 

Multiple Areas of Trapped Water and Delamination on the Bottom of an Older Power Boat During a Bottom Inspection 

Large Multiple Hull Patches from a Previous Repair in the Starboard Side of a 65' Sportfish Yacht That Were Unseen on the Surface of the Gel Coat

Two Cracks in the Interior of a Sailboat's Fiberglass Hull After Being Shipped by Truck 

Repair / Install Services