Modernize Your Electronics


We Strictly Adhere to American Boat and Yacht Council Standards, and Exceed Code of Federal Regulations Title 33 CFR Sections 183.401 - 183.460 Requirements on Every Custom Project. Our Creative Engineering Team Can Design, Layout and Install a Variety of Marine Electronics and Network/Electrical Systems to Fit Within Your Timeline and Budget  

Safety-Function-Potential: The Key Elements of Our Design Process 

Small Tournament Configuration 

Small Offshore Integrated Network 

Small Monohull Electrical System 

Medium Cruiser Integrated System 

Medium Yacht Integrated System

Medium Charter Integrated System

Home Harbor Marine Uses a Total Vessel Approach. We Can Design, Build, Install and Service Main Electrical Switchboards Using Any Amount of Automation You Desire. From Fully Automatic, Seamless Transfer of Electrical Loads (Where Possible) to Load Sharing, Load Shedding, Preferential Trips of Non-Critical Equipment and Fully Mechanical Transfers/Load Control: We Have a Solution for Every Situation. We Can Also Provide Shore Power Conversion, Emergency Power Generation, Generator Cycling and Various Power Management Options to Suit Each Individual Project 

Our Designer Can Layout the Entire Electrical System of Your Boat Based on the Equipment Required and the Unique Characteristics of the Vessel; Main Electrical Panel, Distribution Panels and Required Levels of Automation/Remote Controlling are All Factored Into the Design 

Whether We're Replacing the Switch Panel on Your Pontoon Boat, Updating Graphs/Sounders/Radar on Your Island Hopper, Installing an Autopilot System on Your Charter Boat, or Modernizing the Network on Your Yacht -- Every Customer, and Every Project Receives Our Full Attention. To Schedule Time to Discuss the Goals for Your Boat, Give Us a Call or Connect With Us Below    

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