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Engine Diagnostic Service - We Utilize a Comprehensive Array of Specialized Instruments/Analysis to Thoroughly Inspect, Diagnose and Relay the Cause of Engine Related Issues in a Way That Makes Sense to Our Customers; Below Are Some of the Tools We Utilize In Our Diagnostic Process. Give Us a Call, or Send Us a Message Below to Submit a Diagnostic Service Request.

  • Infrared Thermal Imaging

  • Engine Control Module DTC Readout

  • Lab Tested Engine Oil Analysis

  • Live Oscilloscope Waveform Graphing

  • Endoscopic Camera Examination

  • Engine Compression Test

  • Lab Tested Gear Lube Analysis

  • Leak-Down Test

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Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Measures Contrasting Radiant Surface Temperatures

Lab Tested Engine Oil Analysis Includes Spectral, Viscosity, Insoluble and Flashpoint Examination

Lab Tested Gear Lube Analysis Includes the Same Testing Methods Used in the Lab Tested Engine Oil Analysis

Engine Control Module Diagnostic Trouble Code (ECM DTC) Reader Shows Current Engine Statistics

Endoscopic Camera Examination Recording Video of Piston Cylinder Walls During Inspect & Check Service

Engine Compression Test Measuring the Engines Capacity to Generate Compression in Each Cylinder

Leak Down Test Measuring Engine Compression Without the Use of the Engine's Compression Stroke

Oscilloscope Being Used to Measure and Record Changes in Current Over Time During Engine Diagnostic Service